Beginning, First School Thoughts

4 Jun

Let me just start by saying that school is equally the worst and best thing that you will go through in your life. Along with trying to deal with keeping good grades, you have to do extracurricular activities, be with friends and family, and to top it all off, this might be the most difficult part of your life. Only to realize that you forgot that you had a math test the next day and stay up until 1:00 AM to study all of the material and finish the rest of your homework. But there is another side of school. One that kids don’t want to admit because they are too busy complaining about how some bitch stole their boyfriend or that they aren’t playing in the championship game. This side of school is the fact that you want to see our friends everyday and you are actually learning some things that may be useful in your life. You see, we don’t like to admit to that.. Teenagers just want to be on our way and pretend that this is all for nothing. Even though in the back of their mind they know that this might be useful in a job one day, or in a struggle through the rest of their lives. And I know that there are some teenagers that are reading this and don’t agree with anything that I’m . But think about it. To juggle grades, after school activities, and all of the crap going on in your life, you must either be a superhero, or you have no life.

But seriously though, just think about it. School sucks, but you like it anyways most of the time. Like when you get back from summer vacation, and you wake up in your bed on the first day of school. What goes through your mind first? Geez, I’m starving, where’s the food? Oh shit, I have school today, I forgot everything that I learned last year, I’m screwed? Why is there this beeping noise? *looks at alarm clock.*. Or, YAY I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE (insert friends names that you haven’t seen like all summer here), I HAVEN’T SEEN THEM IN FOREVER!?